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CARITAS Health Card for Outpatient and Hospital

Age coverage: 18- 60 years old

No physical exam needed

5 years to pay with RETURN of Investment (ROI)


Contact person: JOEL C. GAGABOAN

Home tel. no. (02)3457094 (Best time to Call: 6:30pm to 10:00pm)
Personal Cellphone no.
(GLOBE) 09066812899 (Best time to Call: Anytime)

Office Address:
Caritas Health Shield Inc. -Cubao Branch 


Protect yourself and your family.

If you are looking for a health card (HMO company), CARITAS HEALTH SHIELD, INC,. is BEST for YOU and for your family (Father, Mother, Father-in Laws, Mother -in Laws, children, grand children).

Caritas has offers an excellent health benefits. Caritas Health Card can be used to all accredited hospitals and clinic in any part of the Philippines.

for Expanded 6, payable in 5 years worth P500,000.00 coverage - P42, 036 quarterly payments

for Expanded 6, payable in 5 years worth P300,000.00 coverage- P26,301quarterly payments

for Expanded 6, payable in 5 years worth P200,000.00 coverage- P17,713quarterly payments

for Expanded 6, payable in 5 years worth P150,000.00 coverage- P13, 353quarterly payments

for Expanded 6, payable in 5 years worth P100,000.00 coverage- P8,947quarterly payments

From the date of payment you can enjoy all the benefits from Caritas.

For in-patient:

In 10th year, you can withdraw the 100% of the coverage plan. For interested parties, please contact email me at with your name, telephone number/mobile number, address.  Or inquire me at My Home Tel no. (02)345-7094 (Best Time to Call 7.30pm to 10pm) 

                                              Our Vision:
Families that are assured of the proper health care when they need it. 

Our Mission:
To provide the best health care for Filipino families today and tomorrow.

Our Corporate Thrust:
To be Customer-friendly
 Hospital & Doctor-friendly
 Sales associate-friendly

"The Health Management Specialist"

(Accredited in 357 Hospitals, 245 Clinics & Laboratories, 6,845 Physicians and 463 Dentist nationwide)

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For plan services & inquiries please call or text 
Home Tel. No. (02)3457094 (Best time to call: 7.30pm to 10pm)
E-mail Address:

Office Location:
Caritas Health Shield Inc. -MAKATI. Branch 

Individual Health Insurance
If you are unable to obtain medical insurance through your employer, you should seek coverage under one of many individual health insurance plans available out there. Also called private health insurance, this type of coverage is ideal for the self-employed and anyone looking for a wide variety of options and pricing structures from which to choose. After group health plans, personal health insurance is the most widely available form of medical coverage. 

Family Health Insurance
Family health insurance is no different than individual health insurance plans and usually they are sold under the same name. If you are insuring your family, there are some additional considerations to take into account. Even if you do receive coverage through an employer-sponsored health plan, you should consider the cost-saving benefits of switching to a family medical insurance policy or moving some of your family members off of your group policy into a family plan.

Group Health Insurance Plans
Most Filipinos receive their health coverage through some type of group health insurance.Although large corporations with hundreds or even thousands of employees have the bargaining power to negotiate with medical insurance companies for custom health plans for their workers, the small business owner must still research options and compare prices from multiple providers. Since small business health insurance offers guaranteed coverage to all employees in a given company, it can be difficult and time consuming for a small business owner to find the best policy. Our group health insurance resources help cut down on the time it takes to get medical insurance quotes, making the processing quicker and simpler.

 One of the most important decisions you will make for your family involves providing them with adequate health insurance. Families that have proper health insurance are more likely to receive preventive medical care resulting in early diagnosis and treatment of illnesses before they become serious. Family health insurance also provides a family with financial security in the event of an unexpected illness or injury.

Caritas Health Shield, Inc. is a health maintenance organization (HMO) that offers different types of health plans for people ages 7 to 60. We have more than 7,000 accredited doctors nationwide, and we have more than 500 affiliated hospitals and clinics. Get a free quote -- no questions asked, no strings attached

Some Comments about the service of Caritas Health Card:

1.         Jackie

I am a member of Caritas. Like all healthcare, Caritas is there because they also want to make money. After all, you are in business because you want to make money; otherwise you should be in Charity. I have both good and bad experience with Caritas. In fairness to them, their service is very good. They need to screen properly the claims because there are many also who get in when they really have pre-existing disease. If at the time of enrollment you tell them that you have some pre-existing conditions, they will still qualify you but instead of say one year waiting, it becomes like 2 years. I have finish paying my first 5 years and got my second card for succeeding coverage. My second card has some restrictions as during the first 5 years, I had some findings. Since I am happy with the service of Caritas in general, I opted to get the second card. In every HMO, there are always issues. There are no perfect companies. I have been with Maxicare, Medicare, Ayala.. all of them are actually the same. Its just that Caritas attracted me because of their expanded program. Paying 5 years, coverage for 10 and getting back 70% of the value back of your plan after 10 years. I think this is good enough for me.

To Jackie:
Check your Policy again for the details. I am assuming you got the expanded Gold Program if you are saying you can get 70% back of what you paid for after 10 years.
First, you can get back 70% of the basic Total amount of the Plan IF you terminate your plan before the end of the 10th year.
If you wait for the 10 years to finish, that 70% amount will be based on the expanded value of your plan and NOT on the amount of the Plan you paid. This is usual a little over 1/2 of the Plan amount.
assuming you got Plan D which is now worth a Total of 186k (paid in 5 years) If you terminate it before the end of the 10th yr, you get 70% which around 130k. if you terminate after 10yrs, then your 70% will be based on the 100k expanded value of the Plan which is 70k and that is just the money you will get. So check your plan policy again.
However, why terminate the paln or why not take advantage of the expanded benefit years. This is already like your savings and investment for your future. If you get the money, you loose the 30k difference. and once you hold the money , it is easy to spend and when you get sick, you will have to worry where to get funds again.
If you leave it, then you will have the confidence and security that anything happens, at least may naka laan ka for medical bills.
The BEWST part is, even your immedietefamily members can use it.

3.         Dida

My husband has a Caritas healthcard. We paid for the card for 5 years and was told we can use it for ten years. We have not had any problems with the card so far. He gets annual executive check ups and when he’s sick, he can just go to the hospital (usually capitol med or makati med) and gets attended to without hassles. He even had a sleep test recently (worth 35k) and it was approved without a lot of questions because an accredited doctor asked for such procedure. All I am saying is, we do not have problems with his HMO provider.

4.         noynoy

i was also a member of caritas. i was invited to go to their anonas office. of course when you were invited to claim “some promo” you will really doubt if it is a scam or not. but the person who called me assured me that there is no money involved in exchanged of the privilege promo card. the caller is very nice to talk with and very courteous. so i went in their anonas office. and true enough, i received their privilege card without paying anything, and then the person who assisted me ask me if i am interested to insure my health with their company for ten years. i asked them why ten years, wherin most health cards only offer a one year membership contract and here is caritas offering a ten-year program. i told myself it sounds interesting, so i let them explain to me the coverage of their health card insurance and at the same time a savings sort of plan. the package was explained to me very well, they have answered all my important queries, and there and then, i was convinced to get my own personal health insurance (i already have one which is provided by my company/employer). they have a credit card facility so i grab the opportunity to pay using my credit card. you might say why im such a gullible person buying a health insurance on the spot. the the offer is really good. health should be our number priority to insure today and until we retire. we will never know when we will have a free health card from our employers. its best to have a backup to insure our health. especially when we can afford it. or in my case if i have the purchasing power (that is my credit card). i don’t see any reason not to use my card for my health, when in fact i use use it all the time paying unnecessary expenses that i purchase every now and then.

5.         antipolo

We have a maid/yaya at home. She has a low budget Caritas which she pays 1,600 pesos per quarter.
Libre lahat ng consultations nya at for the series of laboratory tests and x-rays that were recommended by the doctor were all free.
Yung isang client ko sa Life insurance is a dentist and she is 68 years old na. Yet she is happy with her Caritas.
Before, and naririnig ko na complain is that many of the accredited doctors and hospitals do not like Caritas as it takes them long to pay their bills. However, when my maid yaya was having all these transactions at St. Luke’s, I guess the rumor was false.


 CARITAS Health Card for Outpatient and Hospital
Get Your Health Card Now!!

For plan services & inquiries please call or text 
Home Tel.No.(02)3457094 ( Best time to call: 7.30pm to 10pm)

Personal Cellphone No: 
E-mail Address:

Office Location:

Caritas Health Shield Inc. -Cubao. Branch